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When it comes to purchasing a freezer there is a lot to consider. Freezers have not undergone as much change over the past few decades as many other large kitchen appliances have. However, there have been some enhancements in storage convenience and energy efficiency.

Most homes have a refrigerator with a freezer compartment that are convenient in the kitchen but can be insufficient for the quantity of frozen foods a family needs on hand.  The savings associated with buying food in bulk can be substantial, but excess fresh food should be stored appropriately and properly in a freezer for long term storage.

There are basically two models of freezers, chest and upright models and each has its own pros and cons.  Many consumers will choose a freezer model based on its convenience in addition to capacity and how often they retrieve foods from it.  The standard refrigerator freezer capacity also influences the model of freezer a household desires. Households with large families often have one of each model of freezers in addition to their standard refrigerator freezer.

Freezers are available in a variety of capacities from a 5 cu. ft. apartment size to large family sizes up to 20 cu. ft.  The size depends on what is required when it comes to storing frozen foods. The size of a household often influences on how large a freezer is needed and other things such as lifestyles; hunting, fishing, and entertaining.

Where you live in relationship to the availability of food markets also influences what size freezer is required. If you live in a remote area and need to stock up in between shopping trips the freezer capacity is a serious consideration.

Upright freezers vs.

chest freezers:

If you can afford the extra cost and you love to keep everything organized in its place, an upright may be best for you. The drawback of an upright freezer is that they cost more to buy and operate.

If you’re looking for economical frozen food storage a chest is less expensive to buy and operate. The model freezer that best suits you depends on your lifestyle and needs. Some people prefer to have an upright for everyday frozen foods while they store seasonal game meat or garden produce in a chest freezer.

I prefer the chest freezer because they are the most economical to buy and operate. In addition, they have more storage space for bulky items even though they are somewhat inconvenient when it comes to cleaning and retrieving foods.

During power outages the chest freezer fairs better than the upright freezer because the cold air doesn’t dump out onto the floor when you open the lid as it does in an upright freezer. Chest freezers do require more space and they need head room to open the lid. Chest freezers are usually located in the kitchen. They are located in a storage room, garage or basement. When it comes to performance and maintainability the chest freezer is superior and maintains a fairly constant temperature.

Before purchasing a freezer, analyze your family needs in terms of the size and model. For overall cost and efficiency of operation the chest freezer is better than the upright model.

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